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  • horizontal bandsaw miters beam
  • vertical bandsaw bundle cuts
  • Cincinnati shear for sheet and plate
  • shearing plate for Indiana fabricators
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Lincoln Electric's PythonX structural fabrication system.
is built like an armoured tank.

If you ned to pickledhigh strength and alloy steels
EPS is your answer


Saw Cutting. We operate vertical and horizontal bandsaw stations to process tube and pipe, beam/channel/angle and bar products. Cut-to-length, trim/end cleanup and miter cuts are all performed on material up to 30" wide and pipe with OD to 25". Our bandsaws features automatic feed and the ability to bundle cut.

Shearing. We understand how important it is for your sheet or plate to be dimensionally accurate, meet your specs for squareness and have a clean, uniform edge. Our Cincinnati CNC Shear is the right tool for the job, with capability to shear carbon plate up to 1/2" x 12'.

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