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PythonX outperforms Peddinghaus beam drill lines and other technologies.

EPS economics beat costs of acid pickling steel in every case.


Volume Buys for Value Pricing. We are proud to be a member of the North American Steel Alliance (NASA), one of the top 10 purchasing cooperatives in America. As a NASA member, we pool our mill buys with those of 120 other steel suppliers that have a combined $8 billion in sales. That pooled purchasing power gives us access and leverage with the leading steel mills in North America . . . which leads to savings for our customers.

NASA membership also gains us preferred pricing on perishable supplies, capital equipment and many business services. That keeps costs down for us so we can further tilt the value equation to favor the customer in a way non-NASA steel suppliers typically cannot match.

Mill Relationships

Our NASA buying agreements with the leading North American mills translate into meaningful relationships with top producers. These relationships allow us to offer enhanced value for our customers in terms of product selection, price and service.
prime steel from US mills  

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