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compete fleet of steel delivery trucks
the leader in structural steel beam coping is PythonX.

A dry oil-free steel surface pays dividends for EPS steel users.


A Broad Service Area. We operate our own fleet of tractor trailers, straight trucks and boom trucks. Whether you are next door, in another state, a different region or even another time zone - our extensive and unique fleet of delivery equipment can accommodate any load and any unloading condition. If you need to know instantly where your shipment is, our professional and courteous driving staff can be reached without delay.

Next Day Is Our Standard. It takes more than trucks to offer reliable next-day delivery. It requires that we maintain one of the largest, most diverse inventories of metal products in our service area. It requires that we operate three shifts, so if you order material this afternoon, it's pulled from stock overnight and is loaded and on its way to you the next morning.

Our Flexible Fleet of Yellow

No shipment is too small, too large or too awkward. From a box of precision parts going to your front door, to an oversized load needing a specialized trailer, we'll deliver it. From getting long product into a tight spot that can't fit a tractor trailer, to taking it to the far side of a congested job site, we'll do it.
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