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  • Accurpress press brake
  • bending and forming in Cincinnati
  • bending plate for Indiana manufacturers
  • sheet metal forming for Kentucky OEMs
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Press Brake Forming. Our state-of-the-art press brake has a 14-foot bed and is rated at 400 tons. That covers a wide range of sheet and plate sizes, all of which benefit from a repeatable ram accuracy of +/-0.001" and a fast cycle time for high throughput of your order.

Flexibility. Air or bottom bending, plus special bends like hemming, bump radius forming and deep box forming can be made. Our standard tooling is likely to accommodate your needs, but if you have an unusual requirement we have options for special tooling.

And remember, bending is typically the final operation before assembly or finishing the part. We also perform these essential value-added processes – plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, drilling and tapping, countersinking and more – needed prior to forming. It's another example of Strength in Service.

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